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Wednesday 21 August 2019

The Jury’s Still Out

It’s in the news that everyone has loads of old gadgets stockpiled in drawers. Well yes, we have quite a few lined up to recycle ourselves. Of course what should happen is that councils should make kerbside collections of electronics. They just need to put a plastic collection bag through everyone’s door like the charities do then collect it the next week. They’d only have to do this once every six months. Unfortunately the whole refuse collection system, with it’s one size fits all approach but a different size for each council, is a mess so this won’t happen.
We have just three days at work this week before we depart for our usual summer break in Scotland.

Monday is dog training, which is on after a quick whip around to see if we have enough dogs without Kennel Cough. There’s a lot of it about at the moment.

On Tuesday there’s a match as Derby take on Bristol City. This means L will go for an early night to avoid spending all evening chucking balls in the garden. However it appears the Lad isn’t very happy with this decision and spends his evening lobbing balls up and down the stairs on his own.

Then on Wednesday I slot in a night out with my mate from school. It’s just the two of us this time and we meet in the Exeter for drinks and food in an effort to break the deadlock of good beer\rubbish food (Brunswick or Wetherspoons) or decent food\no beer (all the restaurants\cafes). The beer was good while the jury’s still out on the food... but it was better than the usual suspects. 

(Wednesday 21st August)

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