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Saturday 2 November 2019

Pre-Emptive Treatment

On Tuesday evening I am out with old school friend for a few beers in the Brunswick then, after some recent food disasters on our nights out, I drag him to the Shalimar for a curry.

As I walk home afterwards, it’s a case of OMG as I spot the first set of Christmas lights to go up on our estate.

I’m on the bike on Wednesday which dawns nice and sunny. There’s also hardly any traffic and I even make it to work on time for a change. Work seem shocked. Then it's dog training in the evening and L sneaks out to run 12k while we're all out.

I bike again on Thursday and I discover I’m not fit enough for two days in a row any more. Thankfully I have my masseur booked for later because my calves are starting to feel tight and hopefully some pre-emptive treatment will stop me getting injured again. It will also be a nice recovery session after my cycling. He seems to have other ideas though, such as pain being the best form of recovery.

Friday is Wales v New Zealand in the 3rd place game in Rugby World Cup. I warn L that her Wales supporting boss might as well go into work as he will need something to take his mind off the mauling they’re likely to get. Yep 40-17. Wales conceded 6 tries. Oops.

England play South Africa in the Final on Saturday, so I don’t parkrun again. Not that it's a morning well spent as they don't do any better than Wales as they lose 32-12. I have more luck with Derby in the afternoon who beat Middlesbrough 2-0.

(Saturday 2nd November)

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