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Thursday 7 November 2019

Such Young Pups

Both L and I are fascinated (or should that be horrified) watching the Lad attempting to gnaw chunks out of his bed live on Dog TV. He was really going for it but thankfully not making much progress. As well as that there are bits of paper strewn all over the floor. They look a bit like post-it notes. He seems a bit bored today.

All of our warm up races for Brighton e.g. Stamford, Ashby and now Folksworth, are full. The running world clearly has gone mad.

We have all those booked and then suddenly our Great North entry needs paying as well. It’s been an expensive few days for race entries. L sister has booked into our hotel in Newcastle although she doesn’t know if she’s got a ballot place or not yet. Hope she gets in.

Tuesday is Bonfire Night, where L meets up with Daughter and her friends for fireworks and eggy bread. I go dogging rather than Wednesday.

On Wednesday L has a Physio MOT and then with Daughter she heads off to Showcase to see ‘Britney Runs a Marathon’. I’m on ball duties, that is when I finally get home from work. Derby Road is closed and it’s 7.15 when I get home. It would almost have been quicker to run home. In fact I’m usually home for 7:30 when I do.

Then I cook something appropriate for a marathoner in training, that is assuming she’s not on the hot dogs, popcorn and a king sized Coca-cola at the cinema.

Thursday is my run home, although I’m not going all the way at the moment. The weather is foul (again) but I manage 9.5 miles before jumping on the i4.

Daughter is off to see a friend from Uni at the weekend who lives in Elsecar which sets us off trying to recall a run we did up there with Doggo, in the snow and with a map referencing a metalled road (and we didn’t know what one was). We had to keep stopping to pick chunks of snow out from Doggo's toes and ended up trying to buy him dog socks afterwards. I think they had to cut some of the routes short due to the weather. Post-run they served us hot pork pie and mushy peas.

In the end we realise that is wasn’t there at all, it was at Greetland about 30 miles north of Elsecar but it got us reminiscing. It was 2006 and we were all such young pups. Doggo used to love those types of events. 

(Thursday 7th November)

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