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Thursday 5 December 2019

Contentious Christmas Lists

Apparently it's now sexist to give a woman a fitness type present because you'd be intimating that they’re overweight. So if I wanted, say, to buy L a £3,000 Peloton exercise bike she’d be offended, throw the bike in the bin and leave me. Rather than, say, do the sensible thing e.g. say thank you and flog it on ebay.

It seems ok, however, to buy one for a man. Well, at least, I think that’s the case but then I also thought treating men and women differently was the definition of being sexist even though they are different, obviously. Just shows what I know.

Then again, what does buying a girl black tights, a padlock and a stick of Body Glide say about her? Just don’t ask the BBC. And does it make me sexist for buying them for her, even though that’s what she’s asked for?

On my list is this year’s bike part - two sets of brake shoes, along with running shoes and a sports bag. All of which obviously imply that I think that L thinks I’m fat. She really will be running off with someone more exciting.
Meanwhile L’s Mum however is buying her perfume. Now there’s a can of worms just waiting to be opened. I’m sure her Mum doesn’t think she smells. Oh to be one of the perpetually offended.

Tonight L starts a new Pilates class for three weeks at the St Leonard's Centre opposite our local library. I couldn’t possibly comment. 

(Thursday 5th December)

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