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Thursday 19 December 2019

The Big Questions In Life

Monday is the Dog Club’s Annual Christmas Meal, held as ever at the incredibly slow serving Chinese in Hilton. Who don’t seem to be quite so slow this year, so it's probably a bit unfair of me to hold them up due to the A50 being briefly closed, to remove a vehicle, while I was on it.

On Tuesday evening , L visits her folks while I take the boys dog training. She is impressed when I show her how to link her ipod up to the car with Bluetooth and therefore relieved to be saved from yet another episode of the Archers. She rewards me by leaving me some of her killer soup, nice and spicy, for post dog training recovery.

I’m out in Derby on Wednesday, where my mate and I have a couple pints in the Brunswick. As it’s Christmas I offer to pay for a curry purely to keep us out of Wetherspoons but I didn’t expect the Shalimar to charge up £65 for two. He does contribute but I’m not sure we’ll be going there again as it seems to go up in price every time we go. L meanwhile is being indulgent at home, home alone with a pork chop and a bottle of red.

One of the big questions in life is why do most Advent calendars have the days in a totally random order? What purpose does this actually serve? It takes an age every morning to find the right window to open, particularly when you’re feeling under pressure with two dogs glaring at you waiting for their daily treat.

L is struggling on with her aching hip. Not running but still swimming, and managing to climb out of the pool unaided, as well as gym-ing. On Thursday, she bites the bullet and runs home from Pilates.

I can tell she is worrying about her lack of running fitness because she’s asking how she can find out what the last runner's time was at the Brighton Marathon last year. It’s not easy to find out because the results are grouped by age category. Someone in the 60—65 category took 07:43:48 but I bet she wasn’t last. I imagine someone much younger was last. Basically though, L will be fine. It’s months away anyway.

On Thursday, Daughter is off ‘skydiving’ and, in her words, ‘bricking it’. She's also skipped breakfast. Probably wise, just in case. This is indoor skydiving which is basically a wind tunnel tipped on its side. It looks great fun.

I run from work, doing a convoluted 10k route to Borrowash before getting the bus. 

(Thursday 19th December)

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