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Tuesday 3 December 2019


After my improbably quick time on Sunday the old legs are a bit stiff the next day but I’m winning the battle against the stairs at work so all’s good. L continues her recover in the gym.

By Tuesday the legs are good to go for a bike ride into work. L is in the pool with her new festive swim hat. She’ll be getting the Christmas socks out next. She reckons she’s a bit like MD, returning to her puppyhood as she gets older.

Whereas L is possibly getting more festive with every year, I’m getting less so. Although she does point out that I put the tree up last night and its only 2nd December.

This is true and I’ve just picked up a couple of advent calendars for the boys, which I got cheap because Advent has already started. I’m sure the boys won’t notice.

I’m already thinking I’ve peaked too soon festively and I’m wondering when can I take the tree down again.

The main reason I put the tree up so damn early is that I wanted to try to get a photo of the boys in front of it with their antlers on for our Christmas card. I like to think that our Christmas card is anticipated as much as the John Lewis TV Advert but I know I'm deluding myself and unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent photo anyway.

L runs 4k later and seems surprised she did it. That’s on top of doing double gym.

(Tuesday 3rd December)

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