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Sunday 15 December 2019

Impetuously Planned

It’s a strange weekend. L gets up early on Saturday but not for a parkrun. She heads over to Leamington to see Son for some Christmas shopping. I walk the boys and then I’m at the match. This sees the second dreary performance by Derby in four days after more of the same on Wednesday. A point then and a defeat today. Although both are made better for some decent tributes to Jim Smith.

They axe L’s train on the way back and she has to return via Birmingham. When she eventually gets home it is bearing Stay Puft shaped gifts, Irish Cream flavoured and 9%.

In the evening we are out with friends. First at the Herbert Gilpin, Paste and then Brewdog. This gets me out of Sunday’s Bolsover 10K, where I have yet to return since getting the prize for 3rd placed Veteran Lady a few years ago but it was probably full anyway. Although we did do the Shepshed 7 after going out with them last year but we were young and impetuous then. That’s probably not accurate, as we’re getting more impetuous all the time.

On Sunday the Lad isn’t interested in a lie-in and nor is L, who is stressed about the training run I have impetuously planned for her. While I just want time for last night’s Thai Curry to work its way through my system. In the end the run happens mid-morning with the three of us leaving a distraught and howling MD at home. We run the same loop that I did with Daughter the other week although L takes a shortcut home for around 7.5 miles while the Lad and I carry on to complete 10.5 miles.

Then after a bacon sandwich and a shower, the four of us crash back in bed. When we get up the second time it is dark. Where’s the rest of the day gone? We feel like such teenagers for lounging in bed although, obviously, the teenagers wouldn’t have done a run first. 

(Sunday 15th December)

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