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Friday 13 March 2020

A Friday The 13th To Top All Friday The 13ths

I bike again on Friday as a final leg loosener before Sunday with the organisers, Ivanhoe Runners, confirming just before 11am that the Ashby 20 is definitely on.

Three hours later it’s definitely off. It appears that one of their medical team is ill which has probably kiboshed the whole thing. They are not alone as the London Marathon is postponed until October.

The Premier League and the Football League announce that all football matches are suspended until 4th April. Things must be serious if Sky have allowed that. I receive an email from the Women’s Tour Of Britain saying that is off and it isn’t until 8th June. This is already a Friday the 13th to top all Friday the 13ths.

The loss of the football changes my week next week as I was supposed to be dog training on Tuesday but I had moved it to Wednesday because of the match. Now I can move it back or do both days, assuming dog training doesn’t get cancelled as well.

I’m also due to see Frank Turner at Rock City next Saturday but I seriously doubt that will be on although he has just confirmed that tonight’s show in Bath is going ahead.

Something is still going ahead because there’s a large group of runners emerging from the offices opposite mine. Ah yes, it’s Sport Relief. I wonder if they’re doing it to Beethoven. The challenge is to run 5K quicker than the duration of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony which lasts around 30-35 minutes. Apparently, the duration varies just like my 5k time.

L goes dress shopping tonight as planned and gets a dress for Son’s wedding, which sadly must also be in doubt. They were already faced with going ahead without his fiancĂ©e’s brother who lives in Tokyo. Even if they let him come over here, he’d have to go into isolation on his return to Japan.

(Friday 13th March)

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