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Thursday 5 March 2020

Chilled Out Week

The week opens with Italy putting its entire country into lockdown and despite Donald Trump saying the coronavirus wouldn’t be hitting the USA, the Americans report their first death.

In happier news, Daughter has her formal interview with the police on Monday and then her driving test on Thursday. So, she’s in for a chilled out week. L takes her up to the Police HQ in Arnold and she seems more stressed out than Daughter is.

Afterwards L runs ‘only 10k’ (her words) which she says was horrible but 10ks are always horrible in my opinion and also the first run after a holiday is always horrible.

The Lad is at the Vets later for his annual vaccination and he’s thrilled about it.

Son secures a new job and tells us all about it. He also tells us about his plans for his ‘stag do’ which involves hiring a chill room with a group of mates, playing computer games and watching TV. Whereas the week after their wedding (they’re having their honeymoon later) will be spent chilling, watching films and playing computer games. There's a bit of a theme going on there and it doesn’t sound that dissimilar to every other day of his life... but each to their own.

On Wednesday I actually do some exercise as I bike to work and then on Thursday I run 22k from work.

Daughter passes her driving test. Hurrah. Manchester Utd dismantle Derby in the 5th Round of the FA Cup.

Sadly, a woman in her 70s becomes the first person to die in the UK of the coronavirus.

Crufts, an event with lots of foreign visitors, goes ahead despite the escalating number of cases around the world and now here in the UK. We did think of going but I’m sort of glad we didn’t now. 

(Thursday 5th March)

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