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Saturday 21 March 2020

Working From Home

Wednesday is my first day of working from home. L is doing the same having arrived home last night with a wheelbarrow's worth of files. She only got her new ‘very pretty’ computer at work last week and now she’s been parted from it. That said the annoying Cortana, who she hasn’t had chance to dismember (I mean disable) yet, will have to self-isolate.

L warns me that I’ll need to get used to working with the back door open and only actually working in between ball chucks. Sounds idyllic. It doesn’t appear that the dogs have any intention of spending all day asleep in their beds like they do on Dog TV.

Our morning dog walk hasn’t really changed much. People are doing social distancing, as they’ve been told to do, but we’re well used to people shouting 'Good Morning' to us from a safe distance for years. Usually from the safety of whichever car they’re hiding behind. The joys of being part of the dog walking fraternity.

On Thursday I shop for my Mum and Dad in Asda which is a traumatic experience. Shopping in an unfamiliar supermarket is like wearing someone else’s shoes and that’s before you presented with a confusing list from my Father. Not least because most of it is from the frozen and confectionery isles, both of which are alien territory to me.

Italy’s daily death toll seems to go up by 100 every day, reaching nearly 800 per day by the end of the week. UK figures are now 150 a day but rising and it is announced that all schools will close on Friday. Despite Donald Trump saying that the ‘Chinese Virus’ was not welcome in the US, it seems to have its feet (sadly) well under the table in New York City.

I am surprised to see that most of the pubs around Nottingham still seem to be open. Largely, I suppose, because they haven’t been ordered to close and many people who were told to avoid pubs and restaurants clearly aren’t. By Friday that changes as the Government instructs all pubs, restaurants, gyms and other social venues across the country to close their doors.

The weekend arrives, looking very much like the rest of the week. Parkrun is replaced by a quiz while Frank Turner’s gig at Rock City is replaced by a screening of his 2000th gig which was at Rock City in 2016 and I was there of course. It’s rather good to experience it again.

(Saturday 21st March)

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