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Saturday 1 December 2018

Another 50 Up

Today MD does his 50th parkrun. Hurray. I have done 56 in all and all but 6 of them have been with MD. He’s done well. His PB is 22:14 and today at Long Eaton we run 23:36 which isn’t bad at all for an oldie. An oldie and his dog that is.

We celebrate as ever with coffee and bacon sandwiches in the Rugby club.

We decide to go ahead with one of the painting quotes we’ve had. L describes it as a choice between the dipsy one that was late for his appointment but did give us a quote or the one that forgot to give us a quote entirely.

Having chosen, we are then told it will take 7 days. So that’s £850 plus a week off work? No thanks. Looks like L might have to get her brush out after all.

(Saturday 1st December)

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