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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Not Really Rugby

Today’s Rugby Half Marathon is organised by a company called The Race Organiser, who organised the multi-lapper that was the Draycote 10. So I should probably have known what I was in for. They have recently taken over this race which has been on my ‘to do’ list for a while. Unfortunately this is not the race I wanted to do as this one doesn’t appear to go anywhere near Rugby.

I feel I was a little duped by the race description of ‘Starting at Hart field, you'll quickly find yourself out on to clear country roads and flying round to return to the town centre’. No not really, never saw the town centre.

It is basically two laps of some country lanes with a final stretch along the pathway of the disused Great Central Railway. it is pleasant but far from exciting. However I’m pleased with my time, a 1:46 again and five seconds quicker than last week. The organisation, aside from the disappointing course, is very good.

We also get to park quite close to the start, although we were told not to. Oops. There is also a handy field for L, who doesn’t run, to exercise the boys. So not a bad morning out.

(Sunday 28th October)

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