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Thursday 10 January 2019

Quids In

With no races on Sunday and the Velodrome actually open because the pantomime has finally finished, I get to do my first SQT Session in about six months. My Dad turns up to watch the novelty of it and the way everyone else chews this old man up and spits him out. I enjoy it though and the well earned pint later in the Exeter.

I go to work the next day nursing a locked up right calf. Maybe I’ve been overdoing it. L asks if that’s my dodgy one. No, they’re both dodgy. Not that it stops me biking to work on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

MD too is nursing a slight injury because I hit him in the eye with the Lad’s hard rubber ball. Accidentally I might add. It doesn’t stop him either. I book training sessions for both of them on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll probably be a gibbering wreck after all that lot but I have to go twice as I have so many people to nag for membership fees.

There is entertainment on Dog TV this week with the Lad getting hold of a pair of training shoes. L carelessly left hers drying in the kitchen after she washed them. Clearly they don’t taste very nice as he soon gives up on them.

There is no squash on Thursday but L’s tennis does restart after a two week break which I think she should have complained about because there was no reduction in the monthly fee but she’s not as argumentative as me.

We are also miffed at the council offering 15% off leisure centre memberships for life for new customers. I ring them to complain but I’m rather shot down when I’m told we already pay less than that, a lot less. Apparently the membership price is fixed from the day you join and never goes up. No inflationary increases or anything. We have been paying the same since 2008. Which is great I suppose but also explains why the leisure centres are skint and having to cull facilities. If you're still paying sixpence a month from the 1960s then you really are quids in.

(Thursday 10th January)

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