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Monday, 14 January 2019


It was an interesting alcohol units count last week. For the first time since I was hospitalised twenty years ago I get under the Government’s latest arbitrary alcohol units limit. Only 11 units last week, thanks to no one being prepared to go out drinking with me. Mr Billy No Mates might have to advertise.

At Sainsbury’s today I grudgingly sign up to their Smartshop. I say grudgingly because by doing my own scanning I’m doing their job for them and for some unknown reason you don’t get a reduction for doing this.

I feel I’ve been forced into it because all the checkout staff now, almost without exception, treat scanning your shopping as a race. Rather than scan at a nice pace that you can keep up with they try to get you so far behind with your packing that you disappear until a pile of your own shopping. They are aided in doing this by the conveyor belt thing which stacks your shopping haphazardly to make it even more difficult to pack. They then sit there looking smug and asking you to pay when you’re clearly nowhere near being ready to pay.

To be fair to Smartshop, it goes ok and I will do it again next week.

Meanwhile L is in London but is back in time to dog run with Daughter, me and the boys. It’s almost like we have our own running club with the Lad as the run leader.

(Monday 14th January)

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