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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Through On Penalties Again

There are so many staff in our office now that the kettle is almost permanently on and consequently we have been going through kettles every few months. So now some bright spark has purchased an urn to provide the hot water. Of course we might now start going through urns every few months.

Amazingly our entry by email was selected in the ballot and therefore we are accepted in to the Round Sheffield Run.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I bike while I go dogging on Tuesday rather than Wednesday due to Derby’s FA Cup Replay against Southampton. L comes over with us on Tuesday to see her folks but goes home on the bus.

As regards the match. Derby again come back from two down, as they did in the original tie, and then win through 5-3 on penalties. At the same time they upstaged Theresa May’s ‘I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing about Brexit’ speech which was scheduled to be covered live on the News At Ten. Extra time and penalties shunted her to BBC2, and apparently Huw Edwards was forced to stand in the cold outside parliament for an extra half hour, poor lamb. I just hope he got to watch the penalties.

Apparently 3.3 million watched the match while 2.5 million watched Theresa May but I suppose she should be getting used to defeats like that by now. 

(Wednesday 16th January)

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