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Tuesday 1 January 2019

Doubling Up

New Year’s Day is parkrun double day, which we haven’t done before. There are various possible permutations although some would require a very swift running of the first parkrun and then some possibly even swifter driving between the two places.

In the end we settle for what appears to be the most sane option. Markeaton at 9am and then Long Eaton at 10:30am. I do Markeaton with the Lad in a nippy 22:14 and Daughter runs with MD. I can’t remember her time but the two of them seem to get quicker each week.

Neither dog is up to a second run. The Lad is a bit too young and MD a bit too old. So us humans have to run alone and not surprisingly I’m quite a bit slower on the second one but that’s our first double done.

Now for a nap at the match.

(Tuesday 1st January)

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