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Friday 18 January 2019

Slow Training Progress

Bizarrely we didn’t initially appear on the results for last Sunday’s Draycote Water 10k and I’d emailed the chap to ask why. He’s now emailed back and it’s all sorted. We now exist again. Our times were apparently on their ‘backup’ system but not the main system. It’s odd it effected both of us because we neither started nor finished together.

On Thursday we finally restart squash after the Christmas break and in a close game I lose 3-2. It looks like we’ll be in for another break now as he’s aggravated his back again.

Amid Yellow, Amber and Red weather warning for ice\snow\the apocalypse L’s outdoor tennis, which has now been moved to Fridays, is off. Amid a 78% chance of sleet my weekly long training run is on. Eek.

L offers to meet me same place, same time, same dogs. It's as good an offer as I get these days. Mind you, if she can find any other dogs that’s fine too. In the end there is no sleet but it’s still bloody cold.

This time I make it as far as the Haveli Indian in Chilwell (fond memories of Christmas Day 2017 from there), a total of 17.9km. So I’m still not up to half marathon distance yet, let alone pushing towards the full distance.

(Friday 18th January)

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