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Friday 29 March 2019

Brexit Day

Today the UK was supposed to leave the EU but it’s not happening. So, we can all rise up from the ‘Brace For Brexit’ position, at least temporarily. I have to say that it was abundantly clear to me that there was never going to be a consensus on this from the very start of the referendum campaign. So the current situation doesn’t surprise me in the slightest but then I take far more interest in politics, mostly a macabre one, than most people. At least what everyone said they wanted, to take back control, has happened. Parliament has most definitely taken full ownership of the cock up.

L goes over to visit her Dad again on Friday afternoon and, as I’m on the bus today, we meet up at the bus station to come home together or rather we don’t. We get side-tracked into having a swift one in the Exeter. As you do.

(Friday 29th March)

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