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Friday 15 March 2019

Desperate Measures

I swap this week’s dog training session to Tuesday due to there being a match on Wednesday, which turns out to be a disappointing 0-0 draw with Stoke City.

I take L over to training with me, picking her up from her PT and depositing her with her folks then meeting her later in the Masons. The first time we’ve been in there for ages.

It must have been a good session for both of the dogs because neither of them move on Dog TV all morning. That in itself isn’t unusual but MD hanging on to the ‘best bed’ all morning certainly is.

On Thursday I do shorter run than usual with Sunday’s Notts 20 Miler in mind. I run to Stapleford for a change then get the i4 bus home. I was concerned about the wind which had been so fierce that I could barely stand up in it at lunchtime but at least it's not raining. In the end the run turns out to be wind assisted rather than into the wind.

By Friday, my friend the Leeds supporter is getting ready for a nerve wracking weekend in the Championship promotion race. Leeds are battling for automatic promotion with Sheffield United who they meet this weekend.

He says desperate times call for desperate measures and his friend will be concentrating on doing the washing up to take his mind off the game. For the entire 90 minutes plus stoppages and half time? Desperate measures indeed.

Derby meanwhile are merely flirting with the outer reaches of the play off zone. Although not this weekend as they don’t have a game and have in fact a 17 day gap from Wednesday’s bore draw with Stoke until they next play.

(Friday 15th March)

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