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Thursday 28 March 2019

Lifestyle Interrogation

After spending Sunday evening in the Holiday Inn near Heathrow we head back home the next morning via the kennels to collect the boys, who seem pleased to see us and we spend the day with them before going back to work on Tuesday. They both look very chilled looking and glad to be home on Dog TV.

L gets back to work to find that nothing has moved on her boss's desk because he hasn’t set foot in the building all week. While I’m greeted by the sight of a new fridge and thankfully someone has saved my yoghurts. I will have one later.

In the evening we get phone call from L's Mum midway through our evening meal. Which we abandon and rush over to Derby where L’s father is being ambulanced into hospital having suffered some sort of mental breakdown. L's sister immediately makes the trip up from Hertfordshire.

We're all there, including the dogs in the car, until about 2am. Then L goes back with her Mum, where she spends the night on the sofa and while I go home with the boys. Who I let finish off our evening meal as a reward for their patience.

The next day I have a NHS Health Check, which is very brief. I don’t get as much of a lifestyle interrogation as I did last time although the nurse did ask about my levels of gardening and housework even after I’d told her I was marathon training. My blood pressure is fine and my BMI is fine too. I’ve just got to wait for the blood test results.

There’s a Derby County Fans Forum in the evening but as they’d only let me have one ticket, and therefore I couldn’t take my Dad, I opt to skip it and I go dog training instead. L meanwhile is constantly nipping to the hospital to check on her Dad.

She still fits in her tennis on Thursday and I do my usual run home from work but I'm running late, so I don't get my usual grope\snog in the grounds of the University. It’s also a horrible run, the worst one I’ve done this year and I can barely walk afterwards. Good job I haven't got a marathon coming up.

(Thursday 28th March)

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