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Monday, 16 February 2015

British Bulldog In The Pool

The Sheffield Half has a new route and it’s a hilly one. How refreshing! Perhaps everyone else is as bored with ‘fast and flat’ as I am. I’m tempted to enter.

It’s just a shame it’s now called the Yorkshire Half. Personally I can’t see how calling it that helps promote Sheffield.

Dogging is off again, no great surprise there. So I shall swim, cook and then I may even hang some curtains... as I now have something to put on the new rails I put up on Sunday.

The pool is absolutely heaving with almost everyone trying to do lengths but with only two of the lanes in, it’s more like a game of British Bulldog, trying not to get tangled up with someone coming the other way.

It’s probably almost as violent as L’s evening, which she spends boxing and sharing a punch bag with a bloke. Sounds like just the sort of workout she needed.

(Monday 16th February)

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