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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Who Needs Duct Tape?

The bed does arrive, as planned, at 7am which disrupts our usual early regime.

Yesterday it was Sugar Daddies, today it’s 50 Shades, as the Nottingham Post attempts to keep up with the Daily Mail (aka the BBC).

I'm surprised B&Q are not taking rope and duct tape totally off the shelves on Health and Safety grounds. Personally I’ve just had an extra-long curtain pole and some hoover bags delivered to work. The possibilities are endless. Who needs duct tape?

I go to dog training tonight rather than tomorrow because the potential for new recruits turning up with fistfuls of tenners is higher this evening. It is my solemn duty to collect money from these women and then pass it through my own bank account into the club account. It sounds a bit like money laundering and Paypal have actually accused of this due to the amount we’ve passed through them recently.

Meanwhile I have to listen to the big top of the table clash, Derby going head to head with league leaders Bournemouth, on the radio. It ends in a 2-2 draw.

(Tuesday 10th February)

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