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Thursday 5 February 2015

Wet Hair Day

Today is another ‘run to work’ day and I'm informed by email that it's also 'wet hair’ day. The aim being to show everyone that it's absolutely fine to have wet hair when you arrive at your desk in the morning due to your astonishingly healthy and active commute to work. One should be treated as a God/Goddess of Healthiness and not stared at with disapproval.

I don't run today but I did cycle, warding off the chilly temperatures with my new lobster gloves. It’s too cold to work up a sweat so I douse my hair under the tap afterwards, then sit at my desk dripping on my keyboard. No one notices. Though they have all probably dismissed this as simply my normal behaviour. No one else joins in either.

I’m not sure my new cycling gloves are much better than those I already have but they’ll do. I can’t send them back now anyway as I’ve wiped my nose down them.

A pub lunch today, which is late but only by about ten minutes. This is enough for them to give us free chips... so can’t complain really apart from no longer being able to make a claim to being a God of Healthiness.

Squash is also late, due to traffic, but we still get five games in because the ones after us are late too. I don’t win any of them. 

(Thursday 5th February)

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