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Sunday 22 February 2015

The Scantily Clad Girls Of Paris

Our second day at the Velodrome, where we have a good view of the pit areas and the scantily clad girls that come with it.

We are right opposite the Australian pit. The Australians are winning pretty much everything that the French aren't, although the French are winning most things. We’re not winning anything.  

Today the roof is not only dripping on the track but dripping on us too and we have to vacate our seats.

There are far too many French wins and the moment they win the final race, the men’s sprint, we leg it for the exits whilst they’re all still celebrating. Luckily this time there is actually a train waiting for us.

Tonight’s Frog pub is the The Frog & Princess, a place where even the girls only drink pints. We soon find out why this is, they only serve pints. So that’s us Parislytic again.

(Sunday 22nd February)

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