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Thursday 4 August 2016

A Nice Pair

I often offer to walk the boys to give L a break but she always knocks back my offer. Today she tells me that I should definitely have walked them because she got delayed by a BBC Radio Nottingham reporter in a short summer dress, heels and no dog. Which is not something you normally see in the morning.

Now here's me thinking she meant the reporter was right up my street when actually she was thinking that the subject matter was. Wheelie bins. L says she crossed the road to avoid the reporter but that didn't work. Then she told her to leg it to catch me but that didn't work either as her heels wouldn't permit. 

It was all about councils fining people who leave their bins out on the street. As I always put our bin at the end of our path and not actually on the pavement I’ve always felt the council should be fining themselves if it’s left out on the pavement as they put it there not me. They should return it to where they got it from. Equally though there's no excuse for the owners leaving them out for another day.

At least L seemed happy that the reporter said she had a nice pair. They are a very nice pair even if they do bark a lot.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, L’s office were having Olympics Day celebrations today and someone pulled their hamstring in the 'picking a box of cornflakes off the floor with your teeth’ event.  Then there was the paper plane making (possibly javelin making) contest and the running track they had marked out in the corridor with parcel tape. It all sounds so awesome. Why didn’t we think of doing that?

It’s not looking much like tennis weather at the moment as there are people rowing boats up and down our street. L offers to provide a mop, if it isn’t being used in her Olympics that is.

It fines up though and tennis goes ahead although I have to go down in person to book as the website wouldn’t let me book online. I lose in three sets and then we head off to the Victoria for refreshments.  

(Thursday 4th August)

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