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Saturday 6 August 2016

No Prizes For Style

L runs Forest Rec parkrun and we of course tag along for a Bacon buttie. They have made some course amendments but what they are basically saying is that the course has been 20m short for years.

Afterwards I drop L at Pilates and then head off for the first football match of the new season. So far the Derby fans are less than impressed with new boss Nigel Pearson’s reshaped team. To be fair they’ve won every game in pre-season bar a defeat to Benfica but they aren’t winning any prizes for style. They play out a 0-0 draw with a decent Brighton side. Whether that is a good point or a bad one, only time will tell.

In the evening we pub crawl Canning Circus. Two in a Room With A Brew, one in the Borlase and one in the Blue Monkey 

(Saturday 6th August)

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