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Tuesday 9 August 2016


I’m in the car today because I have agreed to help sort out our storage container at dog training because those who unloaded the stuff from our show have left it all a little dishevelled. Not their fault, as they were merely doing the transporting for us, but we need all the show things to be put right at the back until they are needed again for next year otherwise the training equipment won’t be accessible.

I scoot out of work a little early to beat the traffic and then after spending an hour or so there head to my parents to meet my Dad for tonight’s football match. It’s a League Cup 1st Round tie with Grimsby Town and as I’m missing the next home league game I thought I best take this one in. It’s just my Dad and me, my Mum opts out as she usually does midweek.

The Rams scape a 1-0 win but are again far from convincing. We have a quick debrief pint in the Harrington afterwards.

(Tuesday 9th August)

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