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Wednesday 10 August 2016

Simply Not Meant To Be

Today is a momentous occasion, it is Doggo’s 15th birthday. I, sort of, celebrate it with a pub lunch. He would have liked that, had he not been stuck at home.

L is in Leamington meeting up with Son although yet again there is a fatality on the line (this always seems to happen to her) which disrupts her journey. It wasn’t her train involved by the way.

I pedal home quickly with the intention of getting the lawn cut before heading off to pick up L from the train station. Unfortunately (for the lawn) but, as it turns out, fortunately (for me) L gets home earlier than expected and distracts me with a better offer. The lawn can wait.

She also forgot to take Son the chocolates we bought him in Bruges, so we conclude it’s simply not meant to be and eat them ourselves. 

(Wednesday 10th August)

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