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Thursday 11 August 2016


L has been to confession this morning. Yes, she has admitted all her running shenanigans to her physio. Well probably not all of them but she's clearly reeled out more than enough rope to hang herself. Her penance appears to be being sent to a running gait workshop to see how she runs. I think with her wayward ankle the prognosis will be badly. She has though been given permission to carry on with her parkrunning. 

I have tennis tonight, although using that term is a huge injustice to the game itself. The weather is a bit windy so both of us have to quickly reassess our vastly overused lob shots to the back of the court. Not that it seems to improve the overall quality one bit. The game again goes to three sets and I lose narrowly 2-1. 

The dogs have accompanied me and we all head down to the Victoria afterwards. They do like a trip to the pub and a bag of crisps.

L is at home sorting out the spare bedroom. I have already moved all my junk, so it’s just the dog hair and the dust to sort out as well as a few spiders to be humanely disposed of. This is in readiness for Daughter's arrival which will be on the half past midnight train. Obviously I’m still up but we all go together to pick her up. 

(Thursday 11th August)

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