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Monday 1 August 2016

Nothing But Compliments

After our busy weekend Doggo seems ready for a prolonged kip this morning while MD seems raring to go. Well, raring to go for football at least. We’ll see if he’s raring to go for more dogging later.

The feedback starts pouring in from the dog show and it is basically nothing but compliments. There are the odd negative comment about the distance to the car park which some people describe as a five minute walk whereas other refer to it as thirty minute marathon. People are entitled to their opinions of course but anyone who complained will be parked in Tamworth next year.

Our photographer sends me some photos to send off to the Burton Mail, one of which is a rather good one of MD.

Somehow both of us manage to find some energy for our fourth lot of dogging in the past four days.

(Monday 1st August)

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