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Friday 12 August 2016

Lads Night, Girls Night In

On the bike today, bloody windy though. Hopefully it’ll be blowing in the right direction by the time I ahead home.

Daughter has arrived and is at home today with the boys, I just hope the three of them are getting on.

Rather annoyingly the wind, rather than simply staying as it was and blowing me home has now stopped completely.

In the evening I leave the girls to do what girls do on a night in e.g. watch chick flicks, sing-a-long-a-Glee etc while I go for a night out with the lads in Bingham.

It’s not a bad night taking in three pubs which yields two different dark ales. Oddly the pub that we are in longest opts to show the hockey at the Olympics rather than the team pursuit where we are crushing the Australians and winning gold. Even more bizarrely the Wetherspoons is showing BBC Parliament. It’s not even Westminster, it’s the Welsh parliament and it’s a repeat from June.

Then I find out that rather than having a massive Glee-athon the girls are both glued to the cycling and even the trampolining at home.

(Friday 12th August)

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