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Monday 8 August 2016

Forty Winks (Unless You're Adam Peaty)

I consider whether, after last night’s escapades on the track, anyone would mind or even notice if I spent the morning asleep under my desk. Perhaps just best to play safe and take forty winks in my chair as usual. 

L is also knackered after a morning of swimming and Pilates. She complains that she’s having as much trouble staying awake as she does after a manic weekend. Is there such a thing as a weekend that isn’t manic? As I recall, apart from this morning her weekend included two runs, a gym session and another dose of Pilates.

The Rio Olympics are now in full flow and we have it on basically 24/7 both at work and at home. Not much chance of many early nights in the next fortnight.

Dog training is cancelled tonight due to lack of interest. A bit like my fellow cyclists last night although there were just enough of them to inflict the pain on me. So I swim instead, doing 40 lengths in a packed pool. Suddenly everyone thinks they’re Adam Peaty.

(Monday 8th August)

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