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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Definitely Not A Fuddle

On the bus, my legs are still refusing to come out and play.

Squash is tonight having been moved forward because of Frank's 2000th on Thursday. Apparently this will be the final one of the year so my opponent can start his Christmas festivities. A bit early!

I offered to let him play next week in fancy dress with tinsel wrapped around his racquet and wine in his sports bottle but he isn’t interested in those sort of festivities. Apparently exercise levels have to be reduced to zero for the entire festive period. Personally I see it as a chance to up them but each to their own.

L misses the post-game social as she’s at her Book Club’s Annual Meal aka Fuddle. She hates fuddles so I daren’t ask how the sausage rolls were. She has taken grapes. So proud. We still have the Squash Club’s Annual Meal (definitely not a fuddle) to organise. 

The boys and I walk up to meet her on her way home. 

(Tuesday 13th December)

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