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Tuesday 20 December 2016

World's Worst Fuddle

I’m on the bike but, as I’m running a bit late, I miss out on this morning's joint dog walk.

The dog walk is getting problematic as the earlier we go, in order to get to work/gym/etc on time, the darker it is which means the harder it is to see MD’s ball. L keeps saying she’s going to sort it and get something more brightly coloured even if MD has to put up with something in dayglow pink. Still, it’s always good to have your balls sorted.

Santamas means L is railroaded into (allegedly) the world's worst fuddle with chips and pizza ordered but arriving several hours apart. I suppose Deliveroo are a bit stretched this time of year. Whatever happened to sausage rolls and mince pies.

Tonight it’s the last dog training and the last pint of Directors of the year.

(Tuesday 20th December)

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