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Tuesday 27 December 2016

There’s Life In The Old Goat Yet

Storm Connor has elbowed Storm Barbara out of the way bringing cold, windy but dry weather.

Today it’s the Aston on Trent village walk. Aston on Trent is where I was brought up so I’ve done this walk many times and now only return when my old friend from way back at nursery school is back in the area and doing it too. We really ought to meet up at other times of the year rather than rely on meeting up here, which only happens every other year or so when we’re both not working. Perhaps this year we will.

The full walk is just over four miles although there are four escape routes off it that offer short cuts. Having both dogs with me, one of which is the fifteen year old Doggo, I have my eye on these but Doggo impressively manages the full distance. There’s life in the old goat yet.

I have to rush off a bit afterwards as there is a match. The Boxing Day fixture arrives a day late as Derby face a Rowett-less Birmingham City. I think everyone will be pleased that we scraped a 1-0 win leaving new manager Gianfranco Zola still searching for his first point.

(Tuesday 27th December)

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