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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Iron And Vitamins

L advises the bus on the basis that she thinks I’m still ill. I don’t actually feel like cycling so I play along. Perhaps I’m still a little bit ill.

L asks for my Christmas list, which I provide but it is very brief. Apparently Son’s is only two items so I feel in good company. I just hope he’s not trying the 'money for driving lessons' line again for the fourth year in a row. We've seen through that one.

L is mortified when she realises that she hasn’t included a race entry on her list but I have saved the day by including something much better e.g. the starter sessions at the Velodrome, that I'm surprised she's left off. I’ve added them to Daughter’s list as well.

I think I can now claim a full recovery as I’ve been to the pub and had sausage 'n' mash for lunch. They also had a milk stout on, which is supposed to be full of iron and vitamins, so I felt it was sensible to have some of that as well.

That should also fortify me for tonight’s dogging but first I get our tired old tree out of the loft and put it up. L didn’t seem that bothered if we had a tree this year or not but Doggo insisted. We’d all miss it if he didn’t have a tree to pull down with his tail. 

(Wednesday 7th December)

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