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Friday 30 December 2016

No Man's Land

L makes me late. Well, in combination with the ridiculous Saturday service on the buses she makes me late. I naively thought the 8.15 bus would benefit from the light traffic and just about get me to work on time but I was so wrong. It was late, was packed and the traffic was fairly busy. They don't make it easy to work over this no man's land period.

Daughter returns to Manchester but she is considering moving back to Nottingham in March when her lease ends if a good job doesn’t drop in Manchester. That could reduce the number of Fridays in the week. I’ll have to find her a granny flat, either that or a love nest to take my fancy woman to.

L sends me her New Year Resolutions which makes an interesting list although a few are repeat offenders from previous years. I tend not to make any resolutions in the hope that life continues to treat me as well as it has been doing.

Tonight I do my third Watt Bike session in a row. Tonight its 20k before I go to meet L at Quad where she is having coffee with some friends. I had hope to get there before they left but I just miss them as they go home to their dog.

We delay going home to ours and have a few drinks in the Derby Tap (aka the Royal Standard) instead.

(Friday 30th December)

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