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Saturday 24 December 2016

Fits Like A Glove

It’s Saturday, so it must be parkrun. You see, even I’m getting into the routine of things now.

Today MD and I do our first run at Beeston. This is one I’ve avoided so far due to the narrowness of the course and we start on the main field adjacent to everyone else. This means we are disadvantaged straight away because we have an uphill start simply to get onto the same level as everyone else. Which we do manage without wiping anyone else out.

Thereafter the run is complete mudfest, so neither of us will be allowed on the bed later. Our time is good though and we are only 17 seconds outside our PB. I've no idea how that happened.

Then it’s to The Last Post aka Wetherspoon’s for breakfast where we meet L’s parents and Daughter. They only seem to be serving half breakfasts today as they miss things off several of our meals but do bring out assorted extras when I complain.

Then it’s back home to see if our goose will fit in the roasting tin and/or the oven. The answer, after one big shove, is yes. Fits like a glove.

In the evening we walk into Nottingham to see if anything is open. It is Christmas Eve after all, formerly known as the best night in town of the year.

The Scribblers is open although they say they are closing at 8pm but as people keep flooding in perhaps they’ll reconsider. We consider stopping for a second drink but we are summoned to meet Daughter and her two friends. This we do in the Blue Monkey where we participate in a highly competitive game of Jenga. Not done that for a while. It's an excellent evening.

At the end of the evening we all walk home, due to the lack of buses, and then do the traditional midnight present opening.

(Saturday 24th December)

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