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Sunday 4 December 2016

Nobody Has Ever Been Voted Off

Having skipped the family duties last night we instead meet L’s sister and co for breakfast in the Beeston Weatherspoon’s at the almost humane hour of 10am. L walks MD there while the two old men follow in the car.

It’s only then that I realise that I have absolutely no idea how to drive there now the tram tracks have closed off half the streets. Doggo and I get there eventually and by total accident as the street I go down to turn around in turns out to be the right one.

Breakfast is good, as Weatherspoon’s go, then afterwards L is at gym while I head off to the Dog Club’s AGM. The meeting goes well and we end up with a very reformed committee as after telling everybody that nobody has ever been voted off... someone gets voted off.

On the way home there is yet another accident on Derby Road, so I have to detour again.

In the evening we engage in a rather fruitless night out. Having known for some time that a former favourite, the New Zealand Arms in Derby, is now in the hands of Dancing Duck and sells more of their ales than their other pub, the Exeter Arms, we drive over to check it out.

However not only does it not sell anything different, it also has the biggest loudest TV broadcasting to the entire pub and ensuring it remains largely customer-free. Like everyone else we leave after one drink.

Instead we go to the Last Post micro pub to give it another go after not finding it terribly welcoming last time. It’s even less welcoming this time. The pub is like sitting in someone’s front room which should be nice but not if you haven’t been invited and the residents are picking fights with each other. At least I added a dark beer to my trail.

(Sunday 4th December)

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