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Friday 23 December 2016

One Of Life’s Essentials

I offer to walk the boys this morning and that, together with the expectation of quieter roads, means we all get longer in bed. Then as I take the boys out L gets a decent swim. She needs to make the most of it as the pools will be opening as little as possible over the festive period.

She asks if the boys missed her... Well MD definitely missed something, I assume it was L but it may have been the ball chucker as they just got a good old fashioned walk with me. Quite a long one too, so even Doggo ate breakfast afterwards.

I’m in the car today as our goose is being dropped off at work. Cycling may not have been a very good idea anyway as Storm Barbara is in town and gusting up to 60mph.

The roads may have been quiet this morning but they are not quiet at lunchtime. The queue for Sainsbury’s stretches all the way around Pride Park. I’ve no idea what they are all so desperate to buy and they probably have no idea either. So I walk to M&S as we are out of one of life’s essentials - Bonios. I’m also still looking for a Quorn Loaf. M&S don’t have one either but I find a Quorn ‘substitute’ Loaf at Holland & Barrett. I hate to think what’s in that.

There is no festive spirit at work and hence no early release from captivity. So my festive gym session has to wait until 5pm.

L has also requested some posh tonic water which get on my way home from Waitrose. It’s by Fever-Tree and its bark flavoured. Naturally I couldn’t resist that. 

(Friday 23rd December)

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