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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Granny Cycling

Our local park is shut for four days this week and for four days next. We suspect this is for target practice on the deer but we're not 100% sure. Perhaps venison is in vogue this Christmas. I’m not sure how MD will cope without his park nor how L will cope for that matter.

I’m on the bus today with the intention of going to the gym tonight but I start feeling ill around lunchtime. I make it to the gym but my legs are feeling so weak that I only manage 5k of granny cycling (with all due respect to cycling grannies everywhere) and even that is a struggle. I have the same heartburn that I had last Christmas but at least I know that it goes just as quickly as it comes after a quick vomit.

First though I have to get home on the bus and hope it doesn’t happen there. It doesn’t. I make it home and crawl into bed to await the inevitable. Takes a few hours but then I feel much better again.

(Tuesday 6th December)

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