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Saturday 13 October 2018

Deviation From The Norm

There’s a slight deviation from the norm as we do Colwick parkrun this morning and then in the evening L and I go to the Derby Velodrome to watch the National Madison Championships.

We don’t bother with the support races and turn up for 7pm when the main women’s race takes place followed by the men’s.

In the women’s race is was always likely to be a case of whoever partnered up out of Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker and Laura Kenny would win. They should probably have made them all have non-Olympic medal winning partners to even things up a bit but they didn’t. Archibald and Barker edged it over Kenny and Ellie Dickinson.

In the men’s race up and coming stars Matt Walls and Fred Wright took the honours.

The event itself was very disappointingly supported for which I totally blame the organisers as there has been close to zero promotion of the event. There are big advertising hoardings outside promoting the forthcoming Christmas Pantomime but nothing for world class cycling events. There was also close to zero information available on the format of the event, a one page programme only appeared the night before.

(Saturday 13th October)

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