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Sunday 14 October 2018

Use It Or Lose It

Today it's the Stilton Stumble 10k. There used to be a 24k option which was never that popular but now before I got to have a crack at it, it has been discontinued. So now there is just the 10k.Use it or lose it I suppose.

The course is bacially a tour around the Stilton cheese making villages of Cropwell Bishop, Colston Bassett and Long Clawson with the added bonus that on completion you get a block of said cheese, so it’s well worth the run even if it’s chucking it down.Which it is.

Daughter joins us and naturally makes us feel like we have forced her into it, particularly considering the rain. Just as apparently we forced her into Draycote a few weeks ago. After which, of course, she was sat in the back of the car putting photos of her medal on instafacebook.

Anyhow, eventually we all emerge from the dry-ness of the car and have a decent run. Well, that is if you regards my 48 minutes as decent. I'm not sure I do.

(Sunday 14th October)

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