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Friday 26 October 2018

This Isn't A Complaint

I walk boys this week and I come across one of those ‘moments’ that L keeps telling me about and that she dreads. The ones that MD takes exception to. 

Today he really didn’t like the lad on the scooter. It was nothing personal I’m sure, it was just that his chosen mode of transport didn't appeal. The Lad then took exception to MD taking exception as the Lad loves everything but in this case he was outvoted, as I hate scooters too.

Monday night I have the dentist, which takes ages as they are running late, again. This is despite their posh new facility or perhaps because of their posh new facility. We all now have to sign in using tablets, of which they only had two, their wifi seemed dodgy and the whole process seemed perhaps a bit over complicated but this is all progress. So I’m late for dog training.

Tuesday a deer escapes from Wollaton Park and they shoot it for rampaging around and causing damage. Which seems a bit harsh. They don't shoot dead the Saturday night drunks for doing the same thing do they?

Wednesday I’m on the bike and then dog training, while L and Daughter are again running. L has kindly left out an apple core for the Lad to power him though his training. It seems to work, so much so that I could have done with one myself so that I could keep up. Then I shovel this heaving mass of slobber back into its travel crate while I enjoy a much gentler session with MD.  

Thursday, the council come to collect our old carpets which we somehow have manage to keep dry for two weeks (as requested) while L has her tennis but I still have no squash.

Friday, I’m in the gym again which I think must have been student special day or something and the place was overrun by young women. This isn't a complaint by the way.

They were all dressed pretty much the same e.g. total leg cover combo-ed with a skimpy top. I find it odd that they seemingly don’t want to show any leg at all but are keen to show as much chest as possible. Of course, I’m a man, I’m not supposed to understand these things. I’m just supposed to pretend I haven’t noticed. 

(Friday 26th October)

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