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Sunday 7 October 2018

Race Free Sunday

It’s a race free Sunday, it’s a very long time since we’ve had one of those.

I fail miserably, again, to get Glastonbury tickets. I feel I am probably hampered by our poor internet connection and the fact I am having to use WiFi since the Lad severed the cabled connection. This prompts me to instigate an upgrade to fibre.

That aside, today we do ‘normal people’ things. We go to Decathlon to get L a tennis racquet and make a trip to the rubbish tip. Hopefully we’ll be back racing next week!

There is some excitement though and the Lad doesn’t mind missing his training for it, L and Daughter are finally cashing in last year's Christmas present, thoughtfully bought be me, and are going on the velodrome.

L did suggest they could go over on the bus, arguing that I didn’t have to come and I could have took the Lad training instead... What? and miss them on the velodrome? Not a chance! It’s the highlight of the month.

We drive over, L looks petrified but Daughter is bouncing. We are a little early, so I hand the car keys to Daughter and she practices her parking while I walk the Lad around the car park. MD looks on from inside the car, probably wondering how he can get out.

Then they’re both heading for the track and handing me their phones as they go, urging me to take lots of photos. After some instruction they start doing laps, L looks petrified but Daughter is bouncing and each time she passes me she mouths something that looks like ‘please take more photos’ or it might have been ‘if you take any more photos I’ll kill you’ but its hard to tell due to the speed she’s going. She does seem to be really taking to this.

Then, oops, she’s fallen off and I zoom in for a close up. Now I can definitely hear the words ‘stop’ and ‘kill’. I'm sure she doesn’t mean it.

Afterwards, L still looks petrified but Daughter is bouncing and the ‘crash’ video goes viral. I at least know what to buy one of them for next Christmas. 

(Sunday 7th October)

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