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Friday 12 October 2018

Sorting Their Lives Out

Monday is dog training which is followed by a detour to Derby to pick L up, who has been visiting her folks. She says her legs ache, so she must have put some work in on the track last night.

On Tuesday I am in London for a meeting with our ‘difficult’ customer. We have network specialists in, trying to sort their lives out for them.

L and Daughter spend the evening at the theatre, or rather the theatre being shown at the cinema. They go to see the Importance of Being Earnest at Broadway.

I cycle on Wednesday and then in the evening it’s dog training where the Lad gets to join the big boys’ class for the first time. He loves it. Meanwhile L and Daughter go running, sporting more lights than I have on my bike. I hope they don’t blind anyone.

L officially take a hiatus from taking the boys out in mornings and on Thursday I take over. They can be a bit of a handful. In the evening, there’s still no squash but L does have her tennis and gets to try out her new racquet. She is the only one in her class who can serve properly.

Friday is very windy and there are trees down everywhere. I consider weighing the Lad down when I take him on the park but I’m sure he’ll just bounce back if a gust does take him.

(Friday 12th October)

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