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Saturday, 22 December 2018

A Break For Freedom

We return to Forest Rec for Parkrun and I decide to run with the Lad for the first time. He is very excited at the prospect of this and is so keen to get started he immediately sets about chewing through his lead. I manage to abort that particular break for freedom and persuade him to wait for the nice Run Manager to start us.

When we do get underway we start way too near the back for his liking. I shout out ‘coming through’ as we hurtle through the field elbowing everyone else out of the way.

I manage to rein in his enthusiasm after awhile and steady his pace. I don’t want the little lad overdoing it at his tender age. We clock 23:39, not bad for a first effort.

As if to compensate for last Monday’s wanton destruction of the local Derby v Forest game, Sky TV have given us permission to play our next five games at 3pm. Wow just wow and how retro.

Sadly my Mum isn’t getting any better after her fall the other week but at long last her doctor has now sent her for an X-Ray. Result, two fractured pelvic bones! FFS. No wonder she was in pain. So she isn’t at the match again today but at home with her new zimmer frame and Radio Derby.

Last Saturday I apparently bought L a dress for Christmas. This Saturday apparently I’ve bought her a coat for Christmas as well. That is, she says, if I can afford her. Of course, she’s always great value. I’ll be boots next, you see.

(Saturday 22nd December)

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