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Monday 31 December 2018

Not At Hootenanny

I am at work and L isn’t, so she takes the boys out where she loses three tennis balls and one dog. I'm sure she's losing the tennis balls on purpose to cut down on how many grotty ones we've got around house while she did get the dog back. The Lad disappeared through the park fence and was then in a complete panic when he couldn’t get back. He’s done that with me as well and clearly hasn’t learnt his lesson yet.

I finish work at 3:30 and head off to do an hour in the Velodrome gym. Then in the evening L and I can’t decide what to do. We should have probably stuck to our plan of going to the Lakes but last year's traumas with Doggo have put us off a bit.

In Nottingham more and more places are becoming ticket only or simply closing early. I think a lot of people are now heading down to the Old Market Square which has really taken off. We must do that one year but you still need somewhere to go first.

So we stay in, I cook Thai and we watch Hootenanny. You know the thing that we weren’t invited to.Not that we'd actually be there tonight as it was filmed a couple of weeks ago but it would have been nice looking out for one's self.

I suggest we open L’s bottle of Champagne that’s in the wine rack and I assumed was from her boss but she tells me it’s mine from my 50th Birthday. Ah yes. Your memory goes at 50 you know. Anyway I don't really like Champagne and L’s cut back on her drinking so we make do with a small bottle of Prosecco between us instead. Not that I like Prosecco either!

(Monday 31st December)

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