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Sunday 23 December 2018

Slightly Monotonous

We return to Clumber Park on Sunday to run another Trust 10k, mainly because it’s the only option. This is the third time I’ve run this and I record my fastest time yet but with a still not impressive 48:00. I’m finding the course rather monotonous now but clearly I wanted to get it over with a bit more quickly today.

Afterwards we go for a coffee with one of L’s other men aka running acquaintance. This is in Central Bark, their dog friendly café, although our dogs are not particularly people friendly in it nor really are anyone else’s. To be fair to them all the layout isn’t that great for dogs with the one entrance at one end, counter at the other and everyone else to pass in between.

It’s also apparent that I’m on the naughty step for something that I didn't know I'd done but I don’t find out what it is I didn’t know I’d done until L points this out with a bit of a telling off later. Oops. Halo repair required.

This comes after our night out. We had attempted to revisit the Millipede but we could not get in. There was a band on and it was packed. We go to the old faithful Horse & Jockey instead which is a lot busier than normal for a Sunday. Must be Christmas or something.

They have a good range of beers on, better than for some time and it's an excellent night out. It also turns out that post-pub curries are still delivered to the naughty step.

(Sunday 23rd December)

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