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Thursday 6 December 2018

Hardcore, Softcore

L rather morbidly lets me know her funeral music. In no particular order these are Elizabethan Serenade by Ronald Binge, Plainsong by The Cure and Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling by Múm. Interesting choices but nothing totally depressing like mine probably would be.

The weather isn’t looking particularly palatable and given that we were basically skating around in the mud last week it’s no surprise that there is no dog training on Monday.

Tuesday's goes ahead though and L cadges a lift. Mainly because we have some old computer bits to pick up from her parents’ place that they want us to dump rather than a desire to meet me in the pub for the first time in ages. Which we do and I manage not to be too ridiculously late this time.

The weather hasn’t improved by Wednesday and is actually far worse. Yet L and Daughter still go for a run in the rain. That’s hardcore. I take the bus to work and pop briefly in the gym. That’s softcore.

Thursday I subject my ageing bones to not only a bike ride to work but also the second Winter 5k on the Embankment. Given the fact that last time it was darker on the course than we all expected, L brings a head torch while Daughter opts to stay at home.

Given the extra leg work with my cycling today I am not surprised to be nine places further back on the results but oddly ten seconds quicker. So not quite past it yet then but I am upstaged by L who comes 3rd in her age category. Get her!

She says she looks forward to moving up to the next age category because the winner of that was behind her and also someone she knows. I try not to point out that the two who beat her today may move up at the same time...

(Thursday 6th December)

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